Demo 2012

by To The Rescue

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released May 7, 2012



all rights reserved


To The Rescue Bendigo, Australia

5 Piece pop-punk band from Australia.

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Track Name: We're So Going Bowling
Lying to me shouldn’t be this easy, you fucked him while I was sleeping
Can’t wait ‘til I can wake up, because I’ll be gone and you’re still here
Saying the things you should have last year

Liar again and again, you took her and ended my best friend

You’re words are such a fucking waste on me I’ve learnt you moved on way to easily, I’m hurt you’re smells on my shirt your heels and your skirt speak volumes on my lounge room floor.
Track Name: Staying Out Means Staying Out
I woke up laughing another disaster, started drinking to drown thoughts of missing you
You woke up alone, surrounded by so called friends, they’re passing judgement that’s passing over my head

Done waiting for things to go back to how they used to be
I’m waiting for this to end

Fucking look in to a mirror, try to figure out who the girl is staring back
Then you might understand who everybody else is laughing at
Selfish and self destructive, standing tall on your knees
Secretly angry because you never got the best of me
I’m not picking sides I’m getting rid of people that aren’t worth my time

“Don’t ever speak to me again” it looks like you choose your words
as bad as I do my friends
Track Name: Captain Mim!
If I did this right the first time I probably wouldn’t be awake
In this oversized bed
My ever changing circle of friends still spinning and turning
Inside of my sore head
I'm smart enough to know its not healthy for me to keep writing you these bad songs
but you're dumb enough to still point your fingers when its the point you've been missing all along

you changed, I don't give a fuck what they say
they don't know you like I do
or at least like I used to
everything’s different now from when
we used to spend high school days hanging out
mistakes make honest friends

through time apart you insist on reminding me of all the things I hate
about you like your poor work ethic and the way you indirectly communicate
reluctantly add them to the list of things that get to me
and evaluate if its worth the strain on my health just to help me get some sleep
Track Name: Week&
I’m folding all the cards that I’ve been holding to close to my chest
I see straight through the purpose like the fog that’s forming
On this months morning breath
Endless nights screaming songs with my friends
About the things that we used to do
They’re enough to keep us safe and knowing
That after all this, I’m still thinking of you

You’re better off running, the tables are turning
This way now, we’re all strung out, we’ve packed our bags
We’re down & out
Won’t fall again I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be
Then burning couches with my friends, we have all that we need
The burning lights to help us through and
Forget all the questions we don’t know the answers to

exhaling all the smoke that’s slowly rotting the inside
of my chest
refute the stupid reasons that all my efforts they are less
then my best
so lace up your shoes cause we’re getting out the only way we
know how
hit the lights, savour the shadows that chase through darkened rooms

we don’t know the answers but were taking our chances
Track Name: Breathe
Bending bodies between the bed sheets, slide and fall asleep
I breathe
A silent story to a pretty girl, who says that I’m her world
I breathe

Seconds spent like currency on gasping breaths in front of me
Im trying my best
Our minds are changing with each breath escaping
From the narrow space between my face and yours

Out my stress, out my pain and out my fear that I’m insane
Not making any sense until my hands slide her out from her dress

don’t keep me waiting girl you know I hate it when
we are wasting time you’ll call this time well spent

I dream of you every time I fall asleep without you